National Lecture Staff


Gesell Institute is represented throughout the United States by our National Lecture Staff (NLS), a carefully selected, highly educated, and intensively trained group of professionals.  Over the years, their backgrounds have included school superintendents, principals and other administrators, preschool, elementary, and secondary teachers, resource and special education professionals as well as university professors.  The NLS are accomplished in their knowledge and understanding of Gesell’s ages and stages of development and Gesell child assessment tools.

The NLS conduct half and/or full day staff in-services for schools and Parent Information meetings.  Professional development covers a variety of subjects about child development, especially as it relates to the classroom.  Only trained and approved Gesell Institute NLS are able to provide training on the administration of the Gesell Developmental Observation – Revised (GDO-R) training.


National Lecture Staff Contact Information

Erin Akers, MEd (Michigan) – Director, National Lecture Staff

Kiki Ammons, MEd (Florida)

Bailey Bunch (California)

Suzy Ferree, MS, MA (Oklahoma)

Michelle Golus, MS (Michigan)

Norman Heimgartner, EdD (Washington)

Sally Coleman Keller, MAT (Michigan)

Cecilia Locke, MAC, LPC (Texas)

Marilyn Mansberry (Florida)

Karlen Senseny, PhD (Pennsylvania)

Sallie Wells, MS, CFLE (Texas)

Cheryl Wolfe (North Carolina)