All of Gesell Institute’s professional development programs can be tailored to the needs of your school, whether that it be through a full, half-day or 90 minute professional development seminar; or as a 90 minute webinar. Districts and schools are continually challenged to find meaningful ways to meet the in-service needs of teachers.

Gesell Institute can provide the programs you need right in your own school. They will be presented by the Institute’s highly trained and experienced National Lecture Staff.

Full day programs begin at $1,500, but you can choose a more economical option by “piggy-backing” on a workshop already scheduled in your area. Your school may be eligible to receive special pricing. Call us at 1-800-369-7709 x701 to learn more!

Additional topics are available upon request, and can be customized for your needs, for an additional consulting fee.

Sample topics:

Ages and Stages of Development: Understanding Children’s Growth, Learning and Behavior from 2 ½ to 9 years

Participants learn fundamental knowledge about the ages and stages of child growth and development. By exploring how each child has a unique developmental profile, curriculum can be customized for optimal learning outcomes. This workshop will prepare educators to design and implement differentiated strategies for children of varying developmental levels in their classroom.

Developmental Discipline: Taming the 'Wild Things'!

Participants examine the tenants of effective management strategies and ways to help children develop self regulation (i.e., self-control) and acquire problem solving skills. Participants explore the role of child development in understanding behavior and setting appropriate expectations for each age group. This workshop investigates possible underlying causes for today’s challenging behavior so that it may be understood and dealt with appropriately.

Curriculum Development: Planning Learning Experiences to Meet the Needs of the Whole Child

This workshop addresses state-of-the-art teaching practices, and guides participants to explore how developmental level is related to curriculum (the what) and instructional strategies (the how).  Intentional planning of curriculum promotes more student-centered, experiential and challenging experiences in the classroom.

Ready for Kindergarten or Ready Kindergarten: What Does It Mean?

This is an excellent topic for parent seminars, and includes discussion points such as brain growth and cognitive development; gross and fine motor growth; social-emotional development; and language/literacy skills. Participants learn about predictable cycles of development to aid in understanding the whole child. Consideration of curricular demands and behavioral expectations of individual school programs, as well as parental roles, complete the dialogue on school readiness.

Is PLAY a four-letter word? Balancing the Curriculum in Today's Academic Kindergarten

Play, once the distinguishing characteristic between Kindergarten and first grade, is now banned in many Kindergarten classrooms. This seminar, using current brain research, explores how Kindergarten-age children learn, and focuses on how to meet both curricular demands and the developmental needs children. This seminar provides critical information to help educate parents and others about the importance of play in a child’s early learning.