Gesell Radio

Gesell Institute has partnered with BAM Radio Network ( to bring you up to date information on the hottest topics in education and parenting today. It is the largest all-education talk radio network in the world, offering programming from the nation’s top education organizations and thought leaders. Rae Pica, one of Gesell’s Advisory Council members and an expert herself, hosts the witty and informative programs on many topics.Marcy Guddemi, Gesell’s Executive Director, has been interviewed twice. Her programs are:
Is Your Child Developing Normally?
Created on 09 May 2009

Are Children Smarter, Learning More, Sooner,Faster?
Created on 08 May 2009

The BAM Radio Network was launched to address the severe imbalance in parenting practices caused by the “commercialization of parenting” and the emphasis on intellectual development that excludes the critical role of the mind/body connection in early childhood.  Created by leading early childhood experts, the programming challenges the popular genre of parenting notions that has given rise to commercial products like Baby Einstein, Brainy Baby and lapware, all of which claim to accelerate a child’s mental development in the face of science that suggests otherwise.  The network is a joint venture between New Hampshire-based Moving & Learning and Los Angeles-based Jackstreet Media.  Statements and opinions expressed in the BAM radio programs are not necessarily those of the Gesell Institute. 

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