Parent-Teacher Connection Program

A Collaboration Between Gesell Institute and New Haven Public Schools 

The Parent-Teacher Connection Program (P-TCP), a program of Gesell Institute of Child Development in collaboration with New Haven Public Schools, is an early intervention tool to support Head Start children transitioning into Kindergarten.  From 2008-2013, Gesell Liaisons worked alongside parents and teachers to assure optimal success in the early years.

Through home visits and one-to-one classroom guidance, we created customized goals that were tailored toward the unique abilities and interests of each individual child and family.  The program personalized each educational plan with the objective of building on each child’s strengths to promote progress and growth in all areas of development.  The Institute strived to improve communication between the home and school, always considered the child to be the primary focus.  Through these efforts, families and teachers became partners in educating the child, families learned to effectively communicate with the school, children progressed toward their identified goals, and students ultimately entered Kindergarten prepared to succeed.

In 2012, additional program components were added to increase opportunities for parents to learn about child development, with a focus on kindergarten transition and preparedness.  To deliver this information to the families, a unique curriculum was developed by the P-TCP staff.  It offered center-based workshops to support parent awareness in the areas of early literacy, communication, and play skills. 

The READ-TALK-PLAY workshops were designed to offer parents an open forum to share ideas and concerns regarding their child’s development.  The feedback received from parents who have participated in the P-TCP program was consistently positive.  Parents became active participants in the education of their children. 

We hope to continue this program in future years.