Gesell Institute of Child Development prides itself on the quality of their webinar offerings.  Not only is the content very current and relevant, the webinars themselves are  hosted by the Institute’s knowledgeable researchers and  National Lecture Staff, who are a carefully selected, highly educated, and intensively trained group of professionals who vary from Early Childhood Specialists, former school superintendents, principals, elementary school teachers, and special education professionals.  All are accomplished in their knowledge and understanding of Dr. Gesell’s ages and stages of development and the Institute’s assessment tools.

Please click here to see our current listing of webinar offerings.  An array of topics are offered to anyone, but targeted at parents, educators, and school administrators.  Such topics include The Ages and Stages of Development of children 2 ½ to 9-years-old, The Key to Observing Children, Transitioning to Kindergarten, Play as a Learning Medium, and many more.

Additional topics are available upon request, and can be customized for your needs.  Please call us at 1-800-369-7709 x701 to learn more!

Gesell Institute also offers free webinars 24/7 on our On Demand website and pre-recorded webinars in our bookstore