Educators’ Comments About 2013-2015  GDO-R Workshops: 



“Anyone who works with children will benefit greatly by attending a Gesell workshop.  It will fine-tune your eyes, ear & heart to observe children more skillfully and will deeply inform your understanding of children and their individual development.”  Elizabeth from St. Louis
“As a newcomer to Gesell I appreciated the clarity with which the material was presented. I was amazed by the vast amount of information that can be acquired from this assessment.” — Mary from NJ
“This is a training that every teacher/administrator/doctor who works with children should receive. I wish I would have had this at the beginning of my career.” — Cathy from MI
“This opened my mind about Kindergarten readiness!” — Linda from CA
“As a public school educator, increasingly confined to standardized testing, it is so refreshing to view development from the perspective of the ‘whole child’.” — Michelle from NY
“I’ve always known about developmental milestone, but I found the added information about typical behaviors (equilibrium vs. disequilibrium) to be especially useful and fascinating.”   — Charlene from FL
“I’m glad I stayed for the two additional days. It was very helpful to learn about older children, even if I don’t end up assessing as many First or Second Graders.” — Jennie from CA
“Excellent workshop! It was exciting to have a trainer/instructor who is so skilled and knowledgeable in child development.” — Kathy from TX
“I took the workshop as a Refresher/Recertification Course and I felt like I received so much more information. It was organized well. Thought I was just getting a review – but got a whole lot more!” — Meg from NJ
“Information presented in this workshop is invaluable to my job.” — Sandy from OK
“The workshop was productive, fun and stimulating. An excellent presentation!” — Letty from AZ
“I feel confident now in giving the Gesell at my school.” — Karen from LA
“This has been the most useful tool I have ever gained from a workshop! I feel it will greatly increase our school’s ability to determine the correct placement of children K to First Grade.” — Bonnie from NC
“In this ‘hurry, hurry, hurry’ world, it’s wonderful that Gesell Institute recognizes and supports the development of children; that children will blossom at their own rate.” — Anonymous from MO